Monday Blues

Feeling groggy after this weekend? Maybe it was the sun or all the mimosas you had a Sunday brunch (no judgment here), but nonetheless, follow this simple steps to wake up refreshed every morning.


1. Hydrate

2. Awaken your (hair) roots

3. Get glowing (apply bronzer)

4. Acne spot treatment

5. Sleep on satin or silk

6. Sleep on your back

You’ll be sure to wake up refreshed & wash away the Monday blues.


Beyonce should always be our #fri-spiration. You tell ‘em B. 

“Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.”


#Fatkini ??

On different social media sites, real woman are taking the bikini- selfie to a whole different level. Who says non-size 0 or even 00 woman can’t rock a bikini. Either way, we totally dig it! You express that #fatkini girl!



You are beautiful on the inside & out.


He Made us Laugh & He Made us Cry

Saddened to hear the news of our beloved Robin Williams & his passing. Robin was a funny man who was great at what he did. Here are just some of our favorite R.W’s movies.

1. Hook


2. Mrs. Doubtfire

rw-mrs doubtfire

3. Aladdin


4. Good Will Hunting


5. Dead Poets Society

rw-dead poets

6. Jumanji


7. Patch Adams

rw-patch adams

8. Flubber


RIP Robin, you will greatly be missed. You are a beautiful angel

End of Summer To-do List

Summer is coming to a sad end but there is still time to cross off some of those “must-do-in-the-summer” activities!

1. Ride a bike. You’ve been doing it since you were little, hop back on & give your legs a workout.

2. Picnic in the park. It’s fun. It’s free. Make a date out of it!

3. Take a day trip to the beach. This is self explanatory.

4. Check out a festival. A carnival maybe? Or even just a street fair

5. Read a book. Sit down & yes, actually read.

6. Buy a planner. Once the feeling of a relaxing summer wears off, planning. planning. planning. You’ll need a cute notebook for that.

Summer is winding down, make the most of it!  

Shark Bait

As one of the best weeks out of the year premiered last night, Shark Week, & it did not disappoint. With the phenomenon of a week of terrifying sharks, last night on the Discovery channel, the Wrath of the Submarine had us on the edge of our seats! This very large 30 foot long shark is nicknamed the Submarine. Submarine was first discovered in 1970 off the coast of South Africa. Although there have been several sightings & attacks of Submarine, biologists still raise the question as to if Submarine is a real, mean machine, or a myth.

Catch all the exciting shows as #sharkweek continues all this week starting at 9/8c every night! 


Stay Fit Even Though Summer is Almost Over

Summer is almost over but your attempt at a beach bod does not have to stop. Here are 6 different places & different workouts in NYC that can help boost your want to stay fit. Did I mention they are FREE?

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park summer event series. Various work-outs from Pilates, Zumba & hip-hop cardio {}

brooklyn bridge

2. Fitness Fest. Unique workouts such as Vbarre, Movenze, Power Pilates, and much more. {}

fitness fest

3. South Street Seaport See Change Series. South Street is collaborating with Crunch Gym to offer different classes M-F @ 7:00am {}


4. Summer in the Square. Union Square Park is packed on Thursday nights for CrossFit, running club, and yoga {}

summer in square

5. Summer of Fitness. Head downtown to the Hudson River pier every Tuesday. {}

6. Summer on the Hudson. Check out Riverside Park that offers Pilates, Tai Chi, or yoga {}

hudson river fitness

Happy Fitness!