Red Bottom Soles Can Now Be at Your Fingertips

The ever so popular red bottom soles, aka Christian Louboutin’s, have become affordable; in a sense that you can now wear it on your nails. Christian has created a line of nail polish based upon his popular shoe collection. These nail polishes have been popping up in big names stores such a Neiman Marcus. You’ll find his displays eye catching & a necessity for your Fall colors. Of course these polishes come at a hefty price, it will be your decision if Christian is worth it.


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Comic-Con Fashion

Comic-Con is the second largest pop culture event & it takes place right here in NYC! Not a huge comic fan? No worries, the fashion is more than on point. Check out how these stars walked the red carpet at Comic-Con.

Chris Evans


Chloe Bennet


Elle Fanning (in Christopher Kane)

elle-13-comic-con-elle-fanning-xln (in Christopher Kane)

Ian Somerhalder


Emma Roberts (in Tanya Taylor)

elle-14-comic-con-emma-roberts-xln (in Tanya Taylor)

Jessica Alba (in Tanya Taylor)

elle-18-comic-con-jessica-alba-xln (in Tanya Taylor)

When Summer becomes Fall

Can you believe that August is this week? Where has the summer gone? With fall trends hitting the stores, there is a time & a place for you to revamp your closet. But don’t be too quick to take out all of your summer items, just not yet. There are 10 summer trends that can transition from Summer into Fall.

1. Geometric Prints: Let’s face it, you need a little color in your life.


2. Platform Sandals: Despite being in NYC, there are other places that opt for warmer fall weather. Keep those toes exposed ladies.spread_MJNKpN

3. A-line Skirts: Bare legs in the summer, opaque tights in the fall.


4. Florals: Who wouldn’t want a little floral in the fall?


5. Jumpsuits: The acceptable romper for work. Add a leather jacket or even a jean jacket for the cooler nights.


6. Chiffon Dresses: Add a blazer or light jacket for a day to night look.


7. Oversized Clutch Bags: Take any bag from day to night with all your essentials.


8. Sneakers: ah, duh.


9. Matching Separates: Top your look off with a slouchy cardigan or swap your sandals for booties.


10.Pastels: Pinks & Blues are here to stay all year ’round


Will Andi Say “I do?”

If you are an over obsessed Bachelor/Bachelorette freak, this season has been nothing short of exciting. The lovable Andi Dorfman stole the hearts of America when she walked away from Juan Pablo on season 9 on the Bachelor. Andi has been on a long journey to find love on this season. The moment we have all been waiting for is tonight at 8/7c; the Finale! Will Andi say yes to the hunk of a baseball player Josh or the lovable Nick? Tune in, I know we can’t wait to see it!

Let’s recap some of the lovable men this past season.

RIP Eric. You showed your passion for the thrills of life. Our prayers are with your family & friends.


Marcus, you can tell us you love us whenever you want. Let it all out.


Marquel, you should have kissed her!


Brian, Brian, Brian. You didn’t score this time around.


Who could forget Chris? The adorable Farmer & potential next Bachelor? We think so!






In Fashion One Day You’re In & the Next You’re Out

Season 13 is here! The fashion Gods have answered your prayers for another season of the ever so addicting Project Runway. This season is nothing less than fabulous & fierce (said from the man, the legend, Christian Siriano). Check it out tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime.  




What are some of your favorite #projectrunway moments???

Give Your Feet a Break

On Good Morning America yesterday, the hosts talked about wearing the wrong shoe size. As women get older, their shoe size can increase or decrease. This is a result of weight gain/loss, pregnancy, & just growing in general. Remember when you were a kid & couldn’t wait to use the metal foot measures at the shoe store to see if you feet had grown since the last time you were there? It is totally acceptable & do-able for you to use one of those.

Studies show that most women are wearing the wrong shoe size & it is most likely too small. The average shoe size has grown since the 60′s. In the 60′s the average shoe size was a 5.5. In the 70′s the average size grew to 7.5. In today’s day in age, the average shoe size is an 8.5-9.

Next time you’re shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, don’t be shy in checking your size. Use your left foot (it is most likely the bigger foot) & test it out. Do your feet a favor & comfort them with the correct size.



Ever wonder if the matching separates trend will be here to stay? It can be if you pick the right pairs. Mastering this trend can be easy as 1,2 (a top & bottom). When looking to get matching separates, make sure to pick pairs that look great apart, not everyone needs a side-kick. With separates that look great apart, you can create a versatile wardrobe. Here are some #matchymatchy items that won’t break the bank.


express matching separates


asos matching separates


zara matching separates



Nasty Gal

nasty gal matching separates

Happy Matchy! 

Big Name Fashion Icons break into the Design World

We all aspire to be the “it girl” when it comes to dressing the part of a fashion icon. We follow their twitter, instagram, & their publicity in the magazines just to catch a glimpse of what they are wearing. Finding the clothing they wear can be tricky, but have no fear when it comes to your feet; fashion icons such as SJP & OP have answered your shoe prayers.

Sarah Jessica Parker has stolen our hearts for over a decade being the chic & glamorous Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & the City. She always had the right outfit & always, always had the right shoes. Carrie’s love for shoes was portrayed throughout all 7 seasons & SJP launched her own line of shoes exclusively for Nordstrom this past February. The line is nothing less than perfect.Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Shoe-Collection-Nordstrom

Aside from SJP, the ever so fabulous Olivia Palermo has released that she will be launching a shoe collection with Aquazzura. Talk about a walking icon, OP always turns heads when she walks the streets & now you can turn a few heads too with her collection. Although this collection might break your bank, but nevertheless you will look chic & fabulous with a piece of OP strapped to your feet.